Rural producers backed by the Port of Açu are chosen to supply food to São João da Barra schools - Porto do Açu


Rural producers backed by the Port of Açu are chosen to supply food to São João da Barra schools

Families living in the Vila da Terra resettlement participated in public call of notice and already made the first delivery

Six of the 53 families who live in Vila da Terra were chosen, through a public call of notice, to supply food to São João da Barra municipal schools for a second consecutive year. The Port of Açu, in partnership with SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service) and FUNDENOR (Foundation for the Regional Development of Northern Rio de Janeiro State), supported the farmers during the entire bidding process and attended their first delivery this week.

“It is so gratifying to see it all closely and contribute to the prosperity of these families. In the last public call of notice, three producers from Vila da Terra entered the bidding process and were chosen to supply meals to students in São João da Barra. Gladly, in this new call of notice, the number of representatives from the settlement doubled. This is proof that we are in the right path,” said Caio Cunha, coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility at Prumo Logística, the developer and operator of the Port of Açu.

Together, the six producers from Vila da Terra will supply 1,500 kg of cassava, 1,250 kg of pumpkins, 400 kg of okra, 1,100 pineapples, 160 kg of sweet peppers, 532 kg of sweet potatoes, 400 kg of bur cucumbers, and 800 bunches of collard greens until the next semester, as set by the call of notice. All in all, more than 7,000 students will eat these meals.

“Knowing that we are contributing to our children’s meals with quality produce is priceless. We are also adding to the household budget with extra income. I think supplying the municipality will be very positive because we will lead the whole process, from planting and harvesting to the final sale. In the end, it is good for our pockets,” said Genilson dos Santos.

In their first delivery, producers living in the settlement supplied 500 kg of cassava and 60 kg of sweet peppers, and plan more deliveries in the coming weeks.


Vila da Terra

Vila da Terra is an area of about 1,000 hectares designated to families who were removed for the creation of the São João da Barra Industrial District. The location was designed in accordance with World Bank’s standards, the international benchmark in resettlements. The program is developed by the Port, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office and the Industrial Development Agency of Rio de Janeiro State (CODIN).

Residents of the village receive technical support and learn adequate techniques for growing and handling native and fruit trees that were planted in the area. They receive guidance on enhancing their crops with simple and affordable techniques developed especially for the type of soil and water found in the region.