São João da Barra youths participate in the state’s largest scouting event - Porto do Açu


São João da Barra youths participate in the state’s largest scouting event

Group is supported by Ferroport, a company installed in the Port of Açu

Next Sunday, 50 children and adolescents of Scouting Group 129th GEMAR, in São João da Barra, will participate in the largest scouting event of Rio de Janeiro state. The Big Regional Scouting Game will gather about 3,500 state scouts at Aterro do Flamengo, in the capital. Activities will begin at 8:30 a.m.

The scouting method has a successful track record of more than a century and, in the past year, youths who live in São João da Barra have the opportunity to join the educational movement, supported by Ferroport (the Prumo Logística-Anglo American joint venture that operates the Port of Açu’s Iron Ore Terminal). Group 129th GEMAR, authorized by Brazil’s Scouting Union (UEB), came about with the joint efforts of Ferroport, UEB/Rio de Janeiro and the Mayor’s Office of São João da Barra.

Participating in varied and dynamic activities, youths are encouraged to take charge of their own personal growth and to be involved in the community, developing critical awareness, notions of citizenship and learning to respect the environment. These are also the guidelines of the big meeting that will be held next Sunday.

In that large open space, scouts aged 7 to 21 years-old will be invited to games, puzzles and experiences designed to foster their growth.

“It is so gratifying to contribute to the education of our youths. Scouting activities encourage boys and girls to be responsible for their own development and to be concerned about others, through team work. Certainly we are trailing the path to educate youths who are engaged in building a better world,” said Marcio Redivo, general Sustainability manager at Ferroport.

The theme of the Big Regional Scouting Game 2017 is “Scouting and Sustainable Development”.​