Teachers from school in Mato Escuro visit Açu Port - Porto do Açu


Teachers from school in Mato Escuro visit Açu Port

Group of 29 teachers and employees learned the details of the enterprise

Açu Port was visited today (14) by representatives of José Alves Barreto Public School, located in Mato Escuro, in the Fifth District of São João da Barra. The group, formed by 29 teachers and employees, was welcomed by the Prumo Sustainability team, and learned the details of the enterprise.

The group visited the port’s operational area (T1 and T2 – offshore and onshore terminals, Multicargo Terminal, warehousing patio for iron ore and client area, among others) and got to know the socio-environmental initiatives developed by Prumo, such as the creation of RPPN Fazenda Caruara Environmental Reserve.

“This day, made possible by Prumo Logística for the teachers, technical staff and other employees of José Alves Barreto Public School, strengthened the partnership established a long time ago. To observe the transformations on the Complex and its operations — which many doubted that would ever happen — fills us with pride and hope for a better future for our city and our children,” said school Principal Cláudia Márcia Souza de Oliveira.

Since the beginning of the year, Prumo has​ been developing an Environmental Education project at José Alves Barreto Public School. The main theme is Selective Waste Collection, emphasizing packages for toxic chemicals used in agriculture. This theme was chosen because the school serves a community that practices subsistence farming.

Throughout the year, lectures and debates with students addressed the negative impacts caused by improper utilization of agricultural chemicals on the environment and on overall health. Reutilization, recycling and proper disposal of solid residue were some of the topics discussed.​