Winner of the João Batista Rocha Award will be announced this weekend - Porto do Açu


Winner of the João Batista Rocha Award will be announced this weekend

1,300+ images were posted on Instagram with #premiojbatistarocha

Next Saturday (24) the city of São João da Barra will learn the name of the winner of the João Batista Rocha Award. The cultural contest was promoted by the Port of Açu with support from the Mayor’s Office, the Municipal Culture Council and the Thoquino Group. The theme was the city itself.

A total of 1,306 photographs were published on Instagram with #premiojbatistarocha. A Judging Commission selected the top 10, which will be part of an exhibit celebrating São João da Barra. The criteria were originality, creativity and suitability to the proposed theme. The author of the best picture will receive a Cannon T5 I photo camera.

“We made a commitment to promote and provide incentive to the arts and culture in São João da Barra, and we were gladly surprised by the significant participation in the photo contest. We encouraged the ‘João Batista Rocha’ vision among our associates and in the community as a whole. The contest was not only about the best image, but also valued the identity of the municipality,” said Caio Cunha, manager of Corporate Social Responsibility of Prumo Logística, the developer and operator of the Port of Açu.

295206_131680446962279_1825756992_n.jpgAlong with the 10 pictures chosen, the exhibit will feature images captured by photographer João Batista Rocha, who registered inspiring moments in São João da Barra during a period of 40 years. “This homage results from years of dedication. I remember as if it were today my husband leaving with the photo camera hanging from his shoulder to take pictures of the sunset. This was what he liked best. I have a lot of photographs all over the house and I kept the last camera that he used. In addition to being an excellent photographer, he was a wonderful husband. We were married for 37 years and had four children,” said Rosângela Rocha.

“It is such an honor to witness my father being celebrated and remembered for his passion. He inherited the gift of photography from my grandfather and was one of the most sought-after photographers in São João da Barra. The whole city is proud to have a contest promoted by the port named after him,” said Josiane Rocha.

The exhibit starts on the same day of the announcement of contest results and will be open until July 15. The event will be held in the Narcisa Amália Cultural Center at 4pm.

All images submitted to the competition will be available at