Environmental Ship Index at Port of Açu - Port of Açu


Lower tariffs for better environmental performances

Since March 2021, Port of Açu offers benefits to vessels with environmental performance above the international standards, measured by the Environmental Ship Index (ESI).

The ESI rates vessels with scores from 0 to 100: 0 for a ship that complies with enviromental performance regulations and 100 for a ship that does not emit SOx and NOx.

Vessels that fit above the international standards now have access to different port tariffs in Açu, with DISCOUNTS UP TO 10%.

To encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of cleaner technologies in the maritime industry.

• 30 to 49.99 of ESI score: 5% discount on port call fee;

50 to 100 of ESI score: 10% discount;

Max. discount R$15.000 for each vessel operation;

Vessel must be listed at ESI system.

• 30 a 49. 99 pontos de ESI: 5% de desconto na taxa de acesso ao porto;

• 50 a 100 pontos de ESI: 10% de desconto;

• Máximo de R$15.000 de desconto para cada operação de navio;

• O navio deve estar listado no Sistema ESI.

Any vessel that accesses the port, is listed at the ESI system and fits the discount rules

Register the vessel on the ESI website and, after the documentation analysis, the vessel obtains its ESI score. The score will be automatically verified by Port of Açu’s system.

The ESI is a global effort of more than 60 ports, headed by the World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP), an organization created by the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH). With world-class infrastructure and standards, Port of Açu is already recognized for being extremely committed to the best environmental practices since the beginning of its operations.

With this initiative, Açu strengthens its role as a platform to increase the sustainability profile and the shared value of the global chains.