Power - Port of Açu


Safe and reliable power generation with less carbon emissions

The port houses the largest gas-fueled thermoelectric power park in Latin America, connected to the national gas grid.

Built by GNA, a joint venture between Prumo Logística, bp, Siemens and SPIC Brasil, the enterprise uses state-of-the-art technology developed by Siemens, guaranteeing greater efficiency and lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

In addition to the only private LNG terminal in the Southeast region, with a capacity of 28 MMm³/day, the gas park is a state-of-the-art solution that will be responsible for 17% of Brazil’s natural gas-fired power generation, contributing to the country’s energy security, as gas is a stable and reliable source of power with significant advantages over coal and oil.

The rational use of water resources is also a key part of the project: the operations will be with 100% use of desalinated sea water.

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Take a 360° virtual tour through the Açu Thermoelectric Power Park:

Porto do Açu

New energies

Port of Açu is a powerhouse for accelerating new energy projects as it can bring together renewable energy, hydrogen production and industrial consumption.