Low Carbon Industries - Port of Açu

Low Carbon Industries

Supporting the decarbonization of global value chains

Port of Açu is the ideal hub for renewable energy, hydrogen production and industrial consumption, all together within or next to the port.

As an active codeveloper, Port of Açu is already assessing or developing renewable projects with major players, such as a solar PV farm, offshore wind industrial and logistic bases, as well as green hydrogen plants, which will be able to supply locally to the domestic industry and export to regions such as US and Europe. The port is close to a national hotspot for offshore wind energy generation and can support the entire renewable chain.

In addtion, the port is located next to potential areas for the development and cultivation of biomasses that can be used in the biogas and biofuels generation.

Port of Açu’s strategy aims to accelerate the decarbonization of hard-to-abate value chains, such as chemicals, steel and cement industries, responsible for about 90% of world’s Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The renewable energy and the low carbon hydrogen developments will be available for the consumption of Açu’s new industries, including the fertilizer industry, hydrogen chemical byproducts and an HBI plant for the steel sector.

With large area available, the future industrialization of the port will be based on sustainable businesses.

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