Logistics Company Guide

Port of Açu launches this Logistics Company Guide in order to facilitate the business contacts with the companies of Açu’s port and maritime community. The tool provides an overview of the companies that are familiar with Port of Açu’s supply chain and logistics – including not only the companies installed within the port complex (such as Terminals and Offshore Service Providers) but also showing a wide range of players offering logistic services for the cargoes handled in the port, such cargo agents, carriers and transporters. Therefore, the Company Guide provides a great overview of useful contacts for those who want to develop and materialize new business at Port of Açu.

It is important to highlight the companies’ participation was completely voluntary, through out a participation form sent to their professional association. Port of Açu subsequently consolidated the information provided by the companies into this single, accessible instrument for the external public.

  1. Information provided in this Company Guide developed by Port of Açu may be disclosed in electronic or physical ways and holds merely a collaborative character, with the goal to facilitate business development at Port of Açu. It is not subject to any compensation or remuneration.
  2. The information update will be done on a regular basis by Port of Açu. In case of changes in the registered information, the company can request an update, or even its exclusion, on condition of prior notification to be sent to the e-mail: business@portodoacu.com.br
  3. The update and provision of the Company Guide can be interrupted at any moment by Port of Açu, at its own exclusive criteria, not leading to any compensation rights for the registered companies.
  4. Integrity is one of the core values of the Port of Açu. As a way to incorporate the ethic commitments adopted by its business, Port of Açu follows the guidelines established in the “Code of Conduct and Anticorruption” of Prumo Logística S.A., and reserves itself the right to exclude from the Company Guide any companies that act in disagreement with the principles defined by the Code.
  5. We kindly ask to avoid fulfilling the form with personal data, always preferring general information (phone, e-mail) of the company.
  6. The mentioning of the companies in the Guide is not an endorsement, recommendation or accountability for the activities provided by the participating companies that are mentioned in the document.
  7. The list of companies is not restrictive, being merely a list in a centralized and accessible location. It is possible that other service providers for the vessel or the cargo, not listed here, can be used when doing business in Port of Açu.
  8. Port of Açu is not responsible for the information provided by the participating companies.
  9. The participating companies authorize the disclosure, in the terms of the applicable legislation, of the information provided through the Participation Form.