Convenience Center

The Açu Station (Estação Açu) is the Convenience Center of Port of Açu


In operation since 2021, Açu Station has services such as a restaurant, bakery, medical center and offices, which can be used by employees and customers of companies located in the industrial complex, in addition to the surrounding community, such as Unimed Campos, Wilson Sons, SGS, Porto do Açu Operação, Segurança Total, Baby Beef and the Aliança bakery.


One of the customers of the Açu Station is Porto do Açu Operações, which manages the port complex and maintains its administrative office on site guaranteeing more efficiency and comfort to its customers and employees, with integrated, collaborative, and modern spaces.


With 100% of the spaces sold, the Açu Station is an operational reality. In 2022, new spaces and facilities will be built to make Açu Station even better.



João Ferreira