The Port of Açu’s Multicargo Terminal will be the new logistics alternative for grains in Brazil.

The Port of Açu’s competitive advantages for the grain market vis-à-vis other ports in the region:

– Competitive location for the main exporting regions in the Southeast and Midwest;
– Efficient and 100% privately managed port;
– It will have dedicated capacity for grains;​​
– A road port not reliant on railway;
– No lines for docking, generating operational savings.

Strategic location:

Competitive location compared to the main ports used for grain shipping in the Southeast. These are the distances to the Port of Açu:

Canarana/Mato Grosso (2,062km)
Montividiu/Goiás (1,464km)
Cristalina/Goiás (1,119km)
Uberlândia/Minas Gerais (1,047km)
Unaí/Minas Gerais (1,113km)

Key features of the Multicargo Terminal:

– Current depth: 14.5m
– Capacity for Panamax ships (full)
– 600m evolution basin
– 300m canal width, allowing ships to cross
– No restrictions for expanding depth to 18m in the future
– Located in the first private port with a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

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