Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

The maritime traffic management at the Port of Açu is carried out by the VTS Center, duly approved by the Brazilian Maritime Authority, being the first of its kind implemented in the country. The Port of Açu VTS Center was established with the purpose of providing a maritime traffic monitoring structure to observe and inform vessels, in real time, in the port’s area of influence.

In this way, the VTS Center contributes to increase the safety of navigation, of human life at sea and the prevention of water pollution; positively impacts the efficiency of inbound and outbound maneuvers of the port; contributes to the preservation of the environment; and supports the port security measures implemented by the Port Administration.


The Port of Açu VTS Center is certified to provide the Information Service (INS) and the Operators are mainly responsible for:

  • Identifying and positioning all vessels with AIS type A as well as all large vessels, getting to know their intention to move and their destination;
  • Identifying and positioning all vessels with AIS type B as well as all midsize vessels, getting to know their intention to move and their destination;
  • Following the movement of small vessels to check for possible traffic conflicts with larger vessels;
  • Disclosing temporary changes to the promulgated procedures for the VTS Area (change of reporting points, channels and communication frequencies, etc.);
  • Monitoring traffic development and broadcasting alert for collision-threatened vessels, diverted from their routes, heading where they should not or near undersea obstacles;
  • Providing information to mariners, when requested or when it is deemed necessary by the VTS Operator, regarding the position, identity, intentions and restrictions on nearby traffic;
  • Disclosing the Notices to Mariners for the VTS area, buoyage status, weather conditions and any changes in waterways that may affect the safety of navigation;
  • Contributing, upon request of the Command of the 1st Naval District (Com1ºDN) / The Harbormaster – “Capitania dos Portos”, in Portuguese – of Rio de Janeiro State (CPRJ), to SAR operations in the VTS area, but without performing management tasks and compromising the VTS service.


The following resources are available at the VTS Center to support its activities:

  • X-Band RADAR;
  • AIS type “A” Base station;
  • VHF Transceptor;
  • CCTV;
  • Meteorological and Hydrological system;
  • Navi Harbour™ ECDIS

Port Administration

Porto do Açu Operações S.A. through the Açu VTS Center
VHF CH 10 and 16
Telephone: +55 22 2133 1100 Extension: 1223
Mobile: +55 22 98119 3700
E-mail: acu.vts@​​​
Address: Fazenda Saco Dantas, S/Nº – Porto do Açu – São João da Barra/RJ – Brasil – CEP 28200-000
For further information about regulations, it is suggested to read the Port Information and the Brazilian Maritime Authority Regulations